The only Primi serving breakfast

Andrej Kašička is our skilful General Manager, who has been running Primi for some years now. We asked what makes their Primi different from the others. “The concept is the same, but we have a lot of regular customers. And we are the only Primi serving breakfast,” he says.

Polus is in the middle of a densely populated area along a major traffic route – so they are often visited by families who come for a meal at weekends and by people from the nearby offices who come for lunch in the week.

Andrej started as a waiter and a barman. Like for many others, it all began as a student job while at secondary school. He says that when someone is needed to cover behind the bar, he can still mix a drink. “I don’t drink much alcohol, but when I do, I enjoy having a cosmopolitan or a caipirinha…”

Andrej has to work closely with his head chef, the second most important person in the restaurant, as they run the whole operation together.

“This cooperation is 24 hours a day. We talk on the phone for an hour at weekends and in the evening,” manager Andrej explains. “As luck would have it, something always happens on Fridays,“ he adds laughingly.

The job of the general manager is also to take care of the standard of service. So, he regularly sends his colleagues to training courses and listens to customer feedback. “In the gastronomy business, we have to keep learning new things, watch new trends and keep moving forward. If we did not keep improving, we would still be serving cordon bleu and Montenegro schnitzels,” adds Andrej. “And ham rolls with horseradish foam,” says manager Andrej laughingly.

They always maintain a friendly atmosphere among colleagues – they have team building sessions. “We go to the Christmas market, play bowling or billiards… We always go somewhere away from work to unwind,“ says manager Andrej. This is also why the restaurant has quite a stable team.

When we take photos, the friendly atmosphere is easy to see.